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Article I: NAME

The name of this Association is the Nautilus Alumni Association, Inc.

Article II: STATUS

This Association is a non-profit, volunteer, membership organization.


Establishing for USS NAUTILUS (SSN571) its permanent place in history and assisting wherever possible in establishing and maintaining the highest traditions of the United States Navy.

All members of the Association are under obligation for the betterment, improvement and advancement in scope of this Association by continuing the aim of bringing together as many former and present shipmates as possible, whether it be by attendance at biennial reunions, correspondence via mail, telephone contact, or any by other means of communication.

To monitor and assist the Dolphin Scholarship Foundation in the yearly operation of the Nautilus Educational Assistance Fund (NEAF) in accordance with the Memorandum of Agreement.


Any person, shipís company or attached personnel, who has served aboard USS NAUTILUS (SSN571) for a period of at least thirty (30) days shall be eligible for regular membership in the Association.

A deceased memberís spouse shall be allowed to become a regular member, but may not hold office.

A deceased Life Memberís spouse shall become an Honorary Life Member, but may not hold office.

Any other person who shares the purpose as stated in Article III shall be eligible for auxiliary membership.

Article V: DUES

Section 1: Membership dues will be established at the Annual Business Meeting by the members.

Section 2: The annual dues shall be an amount fixed according to section 1 of this article. A one time payment, also fixed following section 1 of this article, may be made thus distinguishing that person as a Life Member of the Association.

Section 3: Annual dues shall be payable on the 1st day of December of each year and shall qualify the individual for membership from January 1st of the following year through December 31st of that year. Annual dues are due and payable on December 1st, but no later than March 1st of the ensuing year. Payment after March 1st of the following year would constitute termination of membership. Life membership dues may be made on any date. BYLAWS OF THE NAUTILUS ALUMNI ASSOCIATION INC. Page2

Section 4: Crew members listed in the Association database maintained by the secretary who elects not to join the NAUTILUS Alumni Association or those former members who have allowed memberships to lapse shall forfeit the right to receive newsletters and attend business meetings. One exception will be the posting once annually of the periodic newsletter to all former crew members of record for the purpose of maintaining contact among crew members.

Section 5: It will be the Associationís policy that an individual will never be turned down for membership simply because he cannot afford the annual dues or will suffer financial hardship because of dues payment. That individual must notify the Secretary. No explanation will be necessary; the individual will be taken at his word.


The Association is composed of the Board of Directors and dues paying members of the Association. The Board of Directors is the governing body between meetings of the Association.


Section 1: The Officers shall consist of President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

Section 2: The Officers shall be elected at the Bi-Annual Business Meeting. Officers shall be elected for two year terms. Normally they may serve only two consecutive two year terms.

Section 3: The term of office for any officer may be extended for another two year term, if such service is acceptable to the membership upon a majority vote of a legally constituted meeting.

Section 4: The duties of the Officers are as follows:

President: The President presides at all meetings; expedites the business of the Association compatible with the rights of Association members; acts as parliamentarian. The President shall have absolute power in appointing Committee Chairpersons, and, in their failure to perform, may at his discretion refill that position with a new Chairperson. The President may authorize expenditures up to Five Hundred Dollars ($500.00) annually. The President shall have authority to sign checks. The President shall write a periodic newsletter for the purpose of keeping members familiar with plans, recent occurrences, and other matters of interest.

Vice President: The Vice President presides in the absence of the President. The Vice President shall familiarize himself and assist the President in all of his duties.

Secretary: The Secretary is the recording officer of the Association and custodian of the records of that office. The Secretary maintains the membership roster and handles all responsibilities regarding membership. The Secretary shall make available at each general meeting the previous yearís records for inspection. The Secretary is responsible for assisting in the distribution of the Associationís newsletters, shall handle correspondence, advertising, taking of the minutes at Business and Board of Directors meetings, and shall be the contact person in reunion listings. The secretary shall verify the eligibility of applicants applying for the Nautilus Educational Assistance Fund to the Dolphin Scholarship Foundation.

Treasurer: The Treasurer shall be responsible, along with the President, for all moneys received and disbursed by and on behalf of this Association. The Treasurer maintains the financial BYLAWS OF THE NAUTILUS ALUMNI ASSOCIATION INC. Page3

records, prepares annual reports to the Association and other reports as may be required by Federal, State and County government. The Treasurer shall be empowered along with the President to sign checks. The treasurer will also collect annual and life dues and is responsible for budgeting all expenditures and notifying all members of costs incurred for attending reunions.


Section 1: The Board of Directors shall consist of the elected officers, the immediate Past President and one (1) member of the Association appointed by the President. Two (2) additional members shall be elected at the bi-annual business meeting of the Association. Each shall serve a two year term.

Section 2: The Board of Directors shall implement Association policies. It shall conduct interim business between meetings of the Association. It shall select the place, date and time for the Associationís Biennial Reunion and the Bi-Annual Business Meeting.


Section 1: Any member participating in any committee shall be directly responsible for his activity to the Committee Chairperson appointed by the President. The Committee Chairperson shall, in turn, be responsible to the President.

Section 2: Once a Committee is formed, it remains established unless a vote is taken by the Board of Directors to abolish the Committee.

Section 3: Biennial Audit

Immediately prior to the Association's biennial business meeting the President shall arrange for an audit of the Treasurers books and accounts to assure that they present fairly the financial position of the Association. The audit shall be conducted by a committee of no less than two members who are not officers or members of the board of directors. The auditors shall submit a written report of the results of the audit at the biennial meeting.

Section 4: The Officers will be ex-officio members of all committees.

Section 5: Auxiliary or honorary members may not vote or hold office.


Nominations for elections of Officers shall be held at the Bi-Annual Business Meeting. Nominations will be made by the nominating committee and from the floor at the meeting.


Section 1: Dates for the Bi-Annual Business Meetings shall be as determined by the Associationís Board of Directors, who are required to notify all dues paying members at least 90 days before said meeting. The presence of not less than twenty-five (25) regular members shall be necessary to conduct the business of this Association. BYLAWS OF THE NAUTILUS ALUMNI ASSOCIATION INC. Page4

Section 2: The Board of Directors shall meet annually and any other time at the call of the President.

Section 3: Only regular members of the NAUTILUS Alumni Association will be allowed to attend business meetings and vote.


Robertís Rules of Order Newly Revised shall govern the Association in all cases in which they are applicable and in which they are not in conflict with these bylaws.


On dissolution of the association all funds remaining in the account after all outstanding debts have been paid shall be donated to the Dolphin Scholarship Foundation for the Nautilus Educational Assistance Fund (NEAF). All other artifacts, memorabilia, and other possessions shall be donated to the Submarine Force Library and Museum in Groton, Connecticut.


These bylaws may be amended at a general business meeting of the Association by a two-thirds vote of the regular members, either in person or by proxy, providing that prior notice of the proposed amendments shall have been given to the membership at least 30 days in advance.


I have read the above bylaws of the Nautilus Alumni Association Inc. with amendments adopted at a regular annual business meeting of the Association held on September 25, 1993. I believe them to be true and correct as presented.

President: /S/ Robert N. Sollenberger Secretary: /S/ Joseph Degnan  Date: September 26, 1993

Amended September 27th, 1996  President: /S/ Joseph E. Degnan Secretary: /S/ Robert N. Sollenberger

Amended October 2, 1998  President: /S/ Joseph E. Degnan Secretary: /S/ Robert N. Sollenberger

Amended October 2, 2010  President: /S/ Richard Young Secretary: /S/ Tommy Robinson

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